UKIP = UK Islamophobic Plonkers? You decide (see below)

This website does not support the political party UKIP

The legally registered owner of this domain will not under any circumstances support the UK Independence Party, in part due to their promotion of Carl Benjamin as a candidate for the European Elections.

Certain remarks regarding Jess Philips MP are truly distasteful. At the current moment it would seem more preferable to vote for Labour than for the vile party UKIP has become.
INews article: "Ukip MEP candidate Carl Benjamin says he ‘might’ rape Labour MP Jess Phillips", Link to BBC News article, Scotsman news article

There are other very serious concerns, including matters the UKIP NEC is said to have known of in autumn last year. Some issues are:

Mr. Benjamin is accused of making some truly horrific statements regards children.
Link to Swindon Advertiser news article

Racial slurs such as the n-world and many others.
Link to Buzzfeed news article

Mr. Benjamin's 'staffer'/cameraman/(campaign manager?) Michael Brooks is accused of writing that he is “14 and 88” - an infamous white supremacist slogan indicating endorsement of Adolf Hitler.
Link to HopeNotHate article, Archived Twitter - staffer

Pornographic tweets featuring adults that Mr. Benjamin is accused of directing to persons on the Twitter platform - can not be posted here.


In response to the complaint someone raised:

There is no libellous statement on said web page.

Firstly, the acronym UKIP could refer to many organisations, including perhaps an actual organisation called "UK Islamophobic Plonkers".

Second, the sentence has a question mark, so it is not a statement of fact. It is in invitation to investigate the matter.

Thirdly, the web page you mention accuses no one of racism, but it is common knowledge that Gerard Batten, the leader of the party to whom perhaps you allude, called Islam a "death cult", he demanded British Muslims to sign a text formally renouncing elements of the Quran, and UKIP promoted a burqa ban - if one considers news headlines, they might draw the conclusion that the average person would deem Batten's remarks, and similar, to be an "Islamophobic" comment. However, as stated, the webpage merely raises a question. It is not a statement of fact.

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